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Track Record

Startup Investment & Syndication

During 2018 and 2019 Pariter Partners invested in 4 companies through the Syndicate Deal model, collecting and investing about 1,200,000€ in companies of the highest scientific, technological and entrepreneurial level.

Our main metrics and track records are listed below:

investment (2)
0 +

Investment Opportunities
evaluated in 18 months

0 €+

Capital invested from us and our Syndicate

startup (2)

Selection, Evaluation and Investment in 4 companies

0 Million €

Total follow-on capital raised from the companies in our portfolio

Pariter Partners launched
the first Syndicate Deal in Italy.

(Checkout Technologies, October 2018)
pariter partners

Our Portfolio

Pariter Partners’ Portfolio


COMPANY DESCRIPTION: PreBiomics is a start-up founded by members of the Laboratory of Computational Metagenomics of University of Trento – CIBIO.

Prebiomics mission is to provide an innovative service to support dentists in the prevention, diagnosis and cure of oral diseases by combining state of the art metagenomics technologies, artificial intelligence and innovative computational techniques.

This service will enable the analysis of the oral microbiome at the highest resolution level, paving the way to new potential clinical scenarios for oral diseases.

Pariter Partners’ Portfolio

Fleep Technologies

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: One of the most advanced Italian company active in the printed electronics market and develops & produces printed integrated circuits that are transparent, flexible and recyclable.

FLEEP is a spin-off of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) based on a proprietary process technology for the manufacturing of flexible integrated micro and nano electronic circuits with the use of organic polymer inks (without the use of silicon).

FLEEP technology applications serve different industries from packaging to consumer electronics, and will introduce broad innovative applications, from the food, to the pharma and the cosmetics sector.

FLEEP operates in the broad Printed Electronics industry and in particular in the Logic/memory applications.

Pariter Partners’ Portfolio

Checkout Technologies

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Checkout solution combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to allow any retailer to compete with Amazon GO’s proprietary technology. 

The company’s technology is currently applied to “Convenience stores” located in city centers, where the cost per m² is important and customers do not want to waste time queuing at the cash desk. Do you know that: Amazon’s market share in the grocery sector is less than 1%, we can supply our technology to the remaining 99%.

Pariter Partners’ Portfolio

Fresco Frigo

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: FrescoFrigo is a smart refrigerator with fresh and quality products designed for the needs of people increasingly attentive to their lifestyle: accessible 24/7.

FrescoFrigo can be placed in office space, residencies, gym and hotels to provide all day round access to fresh, healthy and tasty food prepared by local kitchen-partners.

The food is delivered fresh daily and you can choose from a wide range of sandwiches, salads, smoothies, drink, dessert.

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