What We Do

From the first syndicate in Italy to transforming innovation into an investable asset.

Pariter is a Syndicate Investing Company specialized in  Alternative Asset capital allocation into technology and deep-tech companies. We source a proprietary deal flow and create highly qualified investment opportunities through Science Lab, our unique company building program.

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Alternative Asset Focus

An alternative asset is any non-traditional asset with potential economic value that would not be found in a standard investment portfolio because it does not conform to the traditional asset classes of stock, bond, or certificate.

Due to the unconventional nature of alternative assets, questionable liquidity, valuation, investment negotiation and continuous monitoring in some of these assets are fundamental process to be managed with a specific focus.

Our Focus: Robotics, Industry Applications, Biotech DEEP TECH AHEAD.

Our Focus

what we do pariter partners robotics


Artificial Intelligence, robots
and human labour  substitution.
We support project related to robotics and artificial intelligence; everything that can prove we can work in a different new way and human labour (vs. machine’s one) can be much more valued and appreciated.

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B2B software/hardware application.
Italy is the 4th largest exporter in the EU mainly with industry products and services for business.

what we do pariter partners biotech


From Medtech to Biology.
There’s a future bright for all applications both on the product side (new pharma) and on the service and digital health side we want to support.

Science Lab

Proprietary company building program dedicated to University spin-off and R&D Centers to boost and activate potential new spinoff companies among these organizations.

The process and proprietary methodology used by Pariter is perfectly suitable to accelerate science-based technology teams into company foundation and market validation of their technology.

The PARITER SCIENCE LAB program is articulated into 3 main phases. 
Each phase is composed by 2 sub-sections that define in details the activities, resources involved and main achievement.

General framework

From Lab to Company


Work in partnership with University / R&D Center to identify best teams and projects.
The first touch point where Pariter meet the team and where the project of company/business is evaluated. In this phase Pariter runs a light due diligence and elaborate a series of recommendation also leveraging its external network of partners and industry experts. If the evaluation is positive, the team is moving to the second phase.

  • First touch point
  • Meeting the team
  • Present Pariter added value & track record.

  • Project evaluation
  • Independent benchmark analysis
  • Business Plan + Technology assessment


Direct Support to the team.
Pariter confirm to support the team to move from a labs-stage to a company-stage. In this phase of acceleration, the team will address several key topics like: team organization, product, growth, market fit and fundraising.

  • Confirmation of Pariter support
  • Define terms of engagement and investment
  • Timeplan & Milestones

  • Direct project support (daily/weekly)
  • Executive plan overview
  • Support on Corporate partnership
  • Product R&D, Sales & Marketing support
  • Support for EU Grant


Syndicate Deal + Continue Direct Support.
If the Acceleration phase is proceeding successfully, Pariter can opt-in to invest in the team team via its syndicate. Usually this investment is made alongside other co-investors.

  • After positive evaluation of the first months of work, Pariter can confirm to invest cash via its Investment Syndicate
  • Investment is made in partnership with other co-investor, Corporate, Angel Group.

  • Continue support and strategic counsel
  • Pariter can be a Board Member
  • Support startup CEO on fund-raising, hiring and industrial partnership

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