Early Stage Deeptech Investor

Pariter Partners is an investment holding company funded in 2017 that invests in early-stage entrepreneurial scientists and Deep Tech companies mainly in Italy and Europe. 

Pariter invests directly or through its syndicates which today aggregates in its network the most active financial and industrial Italian investors focused on Deep Tech and Tech Transfer.

Investing at the Intersection of Science & Business

We are not afraid of TRL or projects maturity because we understand the importance of a long term partnership with the teams we support.

When you are building a great company you need great partners and Pariter assists its portfolio companies with capital, competences and a lot of skin in the game.

We are an early stage investor and we are focused on everything that can happen from a lab-scale to a series A capital raising. 

At Pariter we decide to partner with rebellious founders, entrepreneurial scientists fighting to change the status quo and create unique companies starting from emerging technologies and science.

Contrarians at the Core

We make long-term bets on mavericks and outsiders because we are (still) outsiders.

We believe that the next 30-years generation of companies will start from a lab and will be  funded by scientists, technologists and inventors.

These people are the rebels, the misfit, the not-represented next generation class of entrepreneurs we want to strongly support every day.

For these people, science is their life: each day they fight to chase their dream to change the world through science and technology.

We’ll be in this dream providing capital, know-how and breakthrough competence in scaling up highly technological companies.