Empowering Tomorrow's Entrepreneurial Scientists


We are committed to scientists and their creations to the point we strongly believe that the talent and knowledge cultivated in the research centers will profoundly change and shape the society of the future when put in the best conditions.

Our goal is to support research-based teams across Europe in the development, validation, and launch of new ventures and spin-offs to valorize their most promising creations on a global scale. That’s why we created ScienceLab, our proprietary tech transfer program.


Universities and research centers with their talented research teams play a key role in Pariter investment model. We are committed to address institutions, working side by side with liaison offices and technology transfer teams to provide advanced models specifically designed for the empowerment of entrepreneurial researchers. 

Our mission is to build a bridge between the various stakeholders of the “innovation cycle”, meaning: Talents, Universities, Capital and Corporate. 

We at Pariter want to increase the conversion rate of deep-tech research into real market applications and new ventures.


We carefully tailor the ScienceLab program to the teams’ and Research Center’s needs. We work in close contact with scientists and inventors to make their research idea “Product, Market, Growth, and Investor ready”.

On average, these activities and processes last 12-18 months. Even when the program is over, the team/spin-off remains in our Community, with exclusive access to resources and networking opportunities.