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How we operate


Pariter in latin means “equally together” and this is more than a motto, but our true vision that guides us in the mission to make science and technology fundable and successful.

Opportunities don’t just happen, we have to create them … together. We developed ScienceLab, our proprietary acceleration and investment program dedicated to researchers teams to boost technology transfer through the creation of new ventures, based on rock-solid science and cutting-edge technologies. We work alongside the most talented entrepreneurial scientists from the best European research institutions to shape the society of the future with blows of innovation. 9 out of 10 startups fail (source). We leverage our network of coaching partners, advisors, industry experts, and corporates and we offer our mentorship and investment to turn the odds in your favor. Find out how ScienceLab can do it

We opt for a long term approach to investments keeping in mind the need to help founders practically grow and scale operationally their venture globally. In our partnership with portfolio companies we are aware of the maturity trajectory of the frontier-tech project and for this we fight tirelessly embracing founders risks, ups and downs, victories and temporary defeats. We are operators and we are investors.

Capital is a commodity and what makes the difference at the end of the day is the value you put on top of each of your choices: being you a founder or an investor doesn’t change the score. To capital we add access to our unique network of partners, corporates and skilled professionals coming from an industrial background made of hardware, technology and a lot of dirt.